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Wed., December 31, 2014 – New Year’s Eve Celebration – “Blades on Stage” at the Princess of Wales Theatre, Toronto     
A Broadway Holiday Spectacular on Ice!!   
Canada’s finest skating artists are being brought from the ice rinks into the legitimate theatre. Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Violetta Afansieva & Pete Dack are among the luminaries who will star in this brand new show specifically created for the Princess of Wales Theatre. The massive stage of this state-of-the-art theatre will be frozen to allow these world champions and Olympians to present their brilliant moves to an audience enjoying the comfort of a real theatre. They will be interpreting many of the standards of musical theatre, with a few holiday favourites thrown in.
Includes: noon table service dinner at “HotHouse Restaurant” followed by excellent orchestra level seating for the 2:00p.m. performance.  Returning to the Hothouse Restaurant for a glass of wine and dessert with party favours after the performance.  Return to Barrie at 7:30p.m. 
Tour departs: Barrie, Kozlov Mall at 9:30a.m., Tour Office at 10:00a.m. & Newmarket at 10:25a.m.   Cost: $237.00  (includes HST)

Thurs., January 29, 2015 - The Scottish Tattoo: The Music of Scotland at the Sony Centre, Toronto
Led by famed music director and Pipe Major, Steven Dewar, THE SCOTTISH TATTOO features bagpipe players, drummers, musicians, singers and dancers – every last one direct from Edinburgh. This unique presentation will carry you along for a whole evening on a journey through Scotland that is as stirring as it is varied. Perfect for the entire family and as a highlight to your Robbie Burns Night
Includes: a beautiful table service menu at the “HotHouse Restaurant” followed by orchestra level seating
for the 7:30p.m. performance
Tour departs: Orillia at 2:15p.m., Barrie, Kozlov Mall at 2:45p.m., Tour Office at 3:15p.m. & Newmarket at 3:45p.m.       
Cost: $160.00 (includes HST)




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Mirvish Theatre is celebrating their 51st Anniversary – 1963 to 2014:
We have placed a number of Advance Requests for the Following Shows.
We are patiently waiting for our requests to be filled in the next 2 months.  If you are interested in any of the following shows, you are welcome to put your name on our passenger lists.  We will call you with complete details and prices as soon as they are available. 

Tues., February 10, 2015 – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto 
Includes: buffet lunch at “Tucker’s Marketplace” followed by the afternoon at the Ripley’s Aquarium
Tour departs:  Barrie, Kozlov Mall at 9:30a.m., Tour Office at 10:00a.m & Newmarket at10:30a.m.   
Cost: $95.00 for seniors, $110.00 for adults (includes HST)

Wed., February 25, 2015 – The Heart of Robin Hood at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto
A Family Friendly Production
Forget everything you ever knew about Robin Hood! Playwright David Farr and director Gisli Örn Gardarsson have reimagined the folklore to create an intelligent and inventive new legend all their own.
In this spectacular rendition of the fabled tale, Robin and his very unmerry gang of cutthroats may steal from the rich, but it’s never occurred to them to give anything back to anyone! But, as the wicked Prince John threatens all, bold Marion steps up to protect the poor… and convert the thuggish Robin from outlaw to hero.
Originally commissioned by Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company, our rollicking production of this 2013 U.K. hit is filled with magic, adventure, romance, laughter and music performed by the acclaimed group Poor Old Shine! Just be aware: Don’t blink or you’ll miss the shark!
Includes: buffet lunch at “Tucker’s Marketplace” followed by 1:30p.m. performance - excellent, orchestra level seating
Tour departs: Orillia at 8:30a.m., Barrie, Kozlov Mall at 9:00a.m., Tour Office at 9:35a.m. & Newmarket at 10:00a.m.         
Cost: $159.00 adults & $158.00 children (12 years & under)  (includes HST)


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